Tuesday is the day to take a peek at what speculative fiction is out there to enjoy. Sometimes it’s new. Sometimes it’s old. Sometimes it’s obscure. Sometimes it’s popular. Readers opinions are always welcome, as long as you keep the discussion civil.

Nancy Hightower of The Washington Post released an article today suggesting the best new science fiction for February. Her first pick is from an author I’ve heard of but have not yet read, Hugh Howey. Interestingly enough, I heard about Howey through a book by James Altucher. I don’t think it was Choose Yourself, but it was in a similar vein. Perhaps a follow-up book to his famous Choose Yourself.

Anyway, the book she selected  is Beacon 23. The premise of Beacon 23 sounds interesting. An ex-soldier now mans a beacon, like a lighthouse in space, by himself. The book supposedly allows readers a glimpse into the eccentricities of a man left to deal with the loneliness of space.

Beacon 23 cover

The feel of the book, as Hightower describes it, reminds me of a short story I read by George R R Martin, “The Second Kind of Loneliness.” In it, a young man also deals with the loneliness of space from a one-man outpost. It might be interesting for a future post to compare the two.

Has anyone read Beacon 23? What do you think?